Realities of COVID19

COVID19 Must be given the attention it deserves especially within the context of the sociopolitical crisis in Cameroon. 
I might not be a political opinion holder so will not understand sovereignty or restoration. 
I might not be a public health expert so will not understand pandemic and disease control
I might not the a communication expert so will not know the dynamics of communicating at moments like this.

One thing is certain. I am an advocate for social justice, peace as well as a feminist humanitarian in the face of this ugly conflict.
I am authoritatively saying that:
The project of preventing the spread of #COVID19 is affecting the attention needed by the affected population from the conflict especially in receiving humanitarian relief. 
Resources are being redirected to what many now consider the "pressing needs"

This divert of attention from the ongoing conflict and its devastating effects is very catastrophic to the situation of humans who no longer have sufficient supplies and are falling into depression due to uncertainty. They are suffering violence which is largely under report because reports are following the #COVID19CMR conversation. Who is actually following up the protection of this group at this critical moment? 

The rhetorics are too many but I am informing EVERYONE that neglecting the ongoing conflict and its effects on the type of strategy needed to respond to the virus, is just simply preparing a time bomb that is ticking faster than anyone can imagine. 

An effective response to this public health emergency lies in a holistic approach that recognizes the connection between the pandemic and the sociopolitical atmosphere in Cameroon.

Dears leaders remember Ebola in Liberia a few years back then act faster and wiser. 


Fostering Gender Equality and Equal Access to Decision Making.