Humanitarian Action: Donations made to HIV Infected/Affected Persons .

Common Action for Gender Development in the Christmas spirit of sharing, extends its tentacles by visiting the Bali District Hospital for a humanitarian donation to over 25 families who have been affected by the ongoing crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.
Storytelling to uplift spirits with beneficiaries

These families are made up of people who have either been forced out of their homes or those infected/affected by HIV or living with different diseases that can not be undermined, from children to youths, parents and even grandparents.

With the believe that little gestures of love and kindness brings out the happiness in a person, COMAGEND supported these families with food stuff to boast their nutrients, along with some warm clothing. It was not just the food stuff shared but the bonding and exchange of love.

Judging by the comments from the beneficiaries such as "thank you very much, may God reward and replenish your efforts"  it is evident that the effects of the support was fulfilling, satisfying, rewarding and supportive to them.

We use this opportunity to thank families and individuals who continue to support our humanitarian actions in the field. We equally call on you all to support our actions for donations like this puts smiles on the faces of many.

Fostering Gender Equality and Equal Access to Decision Making.