COVID19 and Bad Governance

"How can the Ministry of public health stop updating the citizens on the evolution of the virus in the country? I presume to create dependency and desperation among the citizens who have little or no options left. Why give us just information on what is of interest to them? I may attempt a response saying to politicize the issue and give credits to a group of persons as the saviors of the suffering people. We now have to follow instructions and even run the risk of getting fined without a clear understanding of what we are up against. The atmosphere is so tensed because a lot of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. A Cameroonian cannot make plans on anything since the roadmap to fighting the spread of Corona virus is not clear just like the virus itself is not clear even to scientists researching around it. I feel I am suffering from psychological corona virus due to lack of comprehensive information on the virus in Cameroon. I can’t decide on going out to get grocery or other supplies because I am not sure of the presence of the virus in my community already. I am not comfortable using a mask because it is mostly locally made that is available and no information has been shared to check quality of what is on the market. I can’t afford standard masks because the prices have increased like twice and stack is limited. One thing stands clearly communicated by the government which is put on a mask or get fined. Has economist within the government had time to assess and evaluate the financial implications of the measures being put in place by the state to address this pandemic?"

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