Beyond Antiretroviral Needs Lies Many Others Like Food and Compassion

The cost of Antiretroviral drugs is being subsidized but is that enough? One of COMAGEND’s Sexual Reproductive Health Rights advocate under the umbrella of the HER Voice Fund visited the HIV treatment center of the Bali district hospital. While there, she realized that while these patients need quality and more AGYW friendly HIV service provision, the affected and the infected also need a balanced diet to compliment the drugs. This assertion was made following a distribution they carried out.











These beneficiaries were not only comprised of persons infected with HIV or other diseases but also of persons who have been forced out of their homes as a result of the Anglophone crisis plaguing the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.


This activity was not just graced by the food items shared but the bonding and exchange of love. Our SRHR advocates came out feeling blessed from looking at the sparkled faces of children, parents and grandparents beaming with gratitude.












One of the beneficiaries who chooses to remain anonymous shared a testimony on behalf of all other beneficiaries 











We are so grateful for this food gifts that you have given to assist us during this critical times, may the almighty bless you as you have thought it wise to include us in your outreach and assist us in our time of need.











We grow by lifting others up, sharing is caring .To us at COMAGEND Cameroon Sharing is not just caring but fulfilling ,satisfying and rewarding as well .


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