Every true organization is born out of passion, which most often is inspired by a story. It is not enough to encourage feminist organizations to fight for a course. Equipping them with the proper knowledge on how to build their technical and operational capacity is paramount to ensure collective feminist actions and maximum output
COMAGEND brought together  and trained 5 feminist organizations on the importance of building collective feminist actions through the provision of services in a professional manner, with emphasis on financial reporting , project implementation and Grant writing.
The workshop to strengthen these feminist organizations by Building organizational honesty, transparency and accountability,  triggered a moment of deep reflection and story telling ,with CEOs  of these different  organizations sharing remarkable and transformative stories that have inspired their journey of changemaking with some successes so far. 
Capacity building is important for organizations and as a result, COMAGEND has committed to standing with other organizations to build themselves for the communities they serve, by identifying their goals, locating their target audience,  reshaping  their mission  and vision and setting core values to upholding organizational intergrity.
Feeling grateful for the knowledge they gained from the training, one of the participants expressed her satisfaction. "I am very grateful to COMAGEND for taking this initiative to train and strengthen the capacity of feminist organizations so that they can better their services to their communities". We are setting new strategies and good positioning for better and bigger opportunities.

Fostering Gender Equality and Equal Access to Decision Making.